Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme2

Programme 2 was delivered by Visual Artist Bob Moulder who’s sessions were an introduction to visual storytelling, by combining images and words. The sessions were designed to help young participants develop skills in creating stories, drawing and design. Noticeably some children were stronger in one element than another, so the first session acted as a taster for the course as a whole and Bob was then able to gauge the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. -Allowing the other four sessions to be focussed on particular elements.

Various styles of work that were created are the one page comic strip. This uses the simplest scenario allowing for the widest possible interpretation for children to script and draw a simple 4-6 panel one-page story. Mini Books, where the young people could fold and cut a single A3 sheet to create an eight-page book. The young people/children used one or two animals to collage and make the words more visual. A session was spent working on drawing characters to make them more ‘realistic’. They went on to create a story or sequence of actions to fill the book.

The examples of how confident the young people became after sessions with Bob can be seen in their visual images below; ‘they’re cool’


“I loved it when we put all the pictures together” – Nissa 

“Don’t know what you can do ‘til you try” – Eloisa 

“I really enjoyed the sessions of comic books, as I truly got to express the inner artist in me”

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