Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme1

Sian Morrell ensured she celebrated participant’s individuality and communicated with them and their wider circles of support to ensure they are received the correct support in-session. She facilitated a safe space that held meaningful self-expression, interaction and growth through the arts.

For these first five sessions they explored a range of approaches to stop motion animation, created elements individually and within a team. They design their own character and story to share amongst the group then built the characters as a 3D model with plastercine around wire skeletons. Looking at interactions helped participants make a story board and intertwine stories. Participants got into groups to create the set and props working together to build them. They learnt about lighting the ‘stage’, practiced photographing character movements and explored a variation of shots to see their character move. They often had to share equipment and wait turns teaching social skills and patience. They switched up roles so each member of the group had a go at filming and directing learning leadership and team working skills. We showcased their films in our gallery with a premiere film screening and celebration of their hard work.

Participants shared that they felt proud of what they achieved, met new people, made new friends and gained confidence. Previously disruptive members of the group settled in the later sessions much quicker and produced great work in teams. Participants came up with selfless solutions to settle disputes and arguments. Friendships formed with participants concentrating on the tasks with encouraged social interaction. We supported confidence building by each having the opportunity to hear and be heard and built relationships within the group by working in a team to achieve outcomes together. Through positive risk taking and not putting pressure on the final outcome the participants had positive and appreciative interactions in all the sessions. At the end of the session we acknowledged their hard work and reflected on their journey.


‘I enjoyed drawing & letting my mind go wild’ – participant

‘I loved making a book & showing it to people’ – participant

 ‘I’m happy I made friends during the workshops and am looking forward to coming back next week’ – participant

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