Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme9

Nicki Dennett led Silk Painting workshops where participants made scarves and painted fabric heart decorations. The sessions were often very busy with new participants being welcomed at different stages. The participants worked on their scarves and stuffed fabric hanging decorations to use as a garland or tree decoration. People enjoyed cutting out the shapes and painting their scarves and decorations and found the project relaxing. They liked that they had a scarf that they could wear or use as a table runner, as one participant had done, and have a decoration they could hang up in their house.

They were also proud of the work they had done that was displayed on the walls and were happy to talk about it with others. Everyone was enthusiastic and relaxed during the sessions, they were all very welcoming to newcomers and introduced themselves. They made sun catchers to practice using silk paints and Gutta and this relaxed them and made them not feel so precious about what they were doing. Participants constantly mentioned they were loving the session and found it very relaxing. They were also proud of the work they had on the walls on display and were happing to point the work out and talk about it to others.



“Good class. Finished my scarf. Doing Xmas decorations.””Great class. Loving making my silk scarf. Thank you”

“I painted one scarf and enjoyed the session. Many thanks”

“I started to paint my second silk scarf, I really enjoyed it and improved my technique from the first scarf I painted last week.”

“The session made me feel creative and at peace.”

“Helped me to be patient”

“It takes my mind off other things”

“I thought I wasn’t creative at all but maybe I am after all”

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