Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme8

Dawn Campion led the next series of five workshops that looked hand sewing. Dawn provided the group with a large selection of old coats, and explained to them that they would be creating hats and gloves from the coats. The group all selected different materials from the coats and using templates from Dawn began to draw outlines of gloves and hats on their textiles. The participants all worked at different paces, but by the end of the first session they had all began they sewing projects.

As the session continued, the participants finished their gloves and moved on to creating hats and bags. They also created ornamental designs from the pieces of the coats, including animal figures. As the group grew more confident with their sewing they began lining their hats with different materials and attempting more adventurous designs. At the end of the sessions, the results were outstanding; everyone had created something of which they were very proud. Dawn was very pleased with the items everyone had made, especially as many had never sewn before.


“Beautiful concept of using warm coat material and fun hand sewing.”

“Another lovely, friendly and relaxing workshop! I’ll be sorry when this session finishes as I love to hear all of Dawn’s ideas of things to make from coats.”

“Wonderfully empowering, literally saved my sanity! I would love to do more of these sessions especially making teddy bears.”

“I am genuinely struggling to find a new superlative to explain the camaraderie, knowledge, sharing and friendship that I have found at Artcore.”

“Using an old skill in a new way, the lovely, kind teacher Dawn is so supportive and made time for everyone”

“Fantastic sessions, pitched at the right level for each individual.”

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