Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 7

The next set of five sessions were led by Clare Morgan. Clare led the group in learning monoprinting techniques to create unique images from a variety of materials. The first session acted as an introduction to monoprinting, where the group learned the process of creating a print and began to take inspiration from portraiture, as well as images from their own imaginations. In the second session, the group looked at stencil monoprints and began by cutting their own stencils based on images they chose from magazines and websites. Most participants chose portraits, but others chose images from nature or more abstract pieces. Oil pastels were used to layer colours and created different textures for the prints.

Next, the group moved on to poly-block printing and made more abstract pieces. They took inspiration from a wider range of sources including natural and geometric forms. The group also started to work more collaboratively and started to discuss ideas more openly and take inspiration from each other’s creations. In the final sessions, everyone combined the different printing techniques they had learnt to develop a final piece. They began by planning the designs, making use of different shapes and patters. Next, the group selected the different techniques they wanted to use before creating their final monoprints based on a range of natural and abstract shapes.


“A brilliant opportunity to learn a new and varied skill with lots of mixed media.”

“Thank you Clare and Chris for being so kind & helpful, I really enjoyed the session and it helped me a lot as I was feeling much better in myself by the end of the session.”

“Just another lovely art class that gives me so much happiness and a lot in return for all the help from Clare and Chris.”

“I found the session interesting and am hoping to learn more over the next few weeks.”

“An excellent workshop, I enjoyed the challenge to work on my own ideas, thank you.”

“A great session that made me feel positive about myself and my artwork. Thank you all very much.”

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