Art Enhancing Life - Community - Programme 6

Magdalena Aron led a 5-session mosaic workshop encouraging the local community to explore the four seasons of the year and connecting them with the cycles of life and its bright colours. Starting with a white snowdrop to announce the beginning of spring, followed by the pink/purple lily for summer, a beautiful yellow/orange sunflower for autumn and finishing with a red poinsettia for winter. Participants used their creativity with the theme to create a unique mosaic key hanger collection.

The first session began with an introduction and discussion of the project, with some participants taking the decision to focus on a single theme rather than doing all of the four seasons. Using photos for inspiration, the participants drew the outlines of their flower designs onto wooden boards. Once this was drawn out they began selecting various coloured glass tiles to infill their designs.

Using specialist tile cutting equipment and all the necessary safety equipment the participants then started cutting the tiles to various shapes and laying them within the designs. They worked on small sections at a time, sticking the pieces down when they were happy using  pva glue. Once the deisgns were complete the grouting began! As the sessions progressed the participant’s ability to plan improved. Also gaining a sense of pride for their work and taking time rather than rushing.

Participants also developed there observation and drawing skills when making their designs. They also learnt to play with colour and shape. The workshops were relaxed and everyone found their own rhythm. People encouraged each other and offered support to one another.

This was an incredibly successful and popular workshop with the participants. They were thrilled with their finished mosaics and many of them keen to further explore this medium to create more art.


"A very interesting mosaic class. The teacher has been very helpful and has given us lots of attention. I really enjoyed the session."

"Excellent session, I feel relaxed and welcomed. Very therapeutic, thank you!"

"Had a lovely time today! I have always wanted to do this type of artwork. The teacher and assistant were lovely and helpful! I do hope I will have the opportunity to do this again in the near future. Thank you so much!"

"Relaxed session, welcoming introduction, the two hours go really quickly. Experiencing a new craft is great fun. Thank you!"

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