Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 5

Artist Katie Petriatis explored the basics of paper cutting through a combination hand cut techniques. The participants created a simple design to cut and mount learning the basic rules of creating paper cutting designs. Throughout the 5 weeks they developed their skills making beautiful paper gift boxes, unique monograms and a self-designed, handmade project. They experimented with different papers, layering designs, and presentation styles gradually gaining confidence with hand cutting.

Participants who started sessions in a quiet and reclusive manner opened up more, and conversed more with others as the sessions went on. Some participants found the bigger project more challenging and concentrated a lot!

Despite initial concerns of doubt such as ‘I can’t do this, it’s too hard’, everyone had a go at it, and, with a bit of guidance, everyone was enjoying it. One participant brought in her embellished cards to share with the group and everyone celebrated her success. The participants learnt to persevere and gained determination in finishing their pieces sharing their feelings with the group.

They shared their finished pieces with each other, which was encouraging for all. One participant had been inspired to try some paper cutting at home & brought in what she had made, which was really nice to see. Another found the activity a bit stressful, but when we pointed out that she had given it a go, and had done a good job with it, she was actually quite pleased with herself and what she had made. Often participants were very reluctant to finish and leave at the end of the sessions!


“Was very enjoyable & was nice to be creative.”

“Just lovely to try something new and meet new people.”

“Learnt something new.”

“Just love being here, lovely atmosphere, some time for myself.”

“This is a very good session I get happy.”

“Thank you for another excellent session which made me feel very happy.”

“I enjoyed the session under the guidance of Katie. I made a beautiful birthday card with butterfly.”

“Quite a complex project, but I am learning, bit by bit.”

“Thank you for a lovely friendly morning, enjoy these sessions very much.”

“He really enjoys coming, it’s relaxing and lovely people. Thank you for making him welcome.”

“Thanks once again! I’m a little sad this session has come to an end! Enjoyed the time & created a lovely picture myself & granddaughter will love!.”

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