Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 3

We enjoyed offering glass as a unique creative medium with Nina Powe. Using planning and demonstrations to show good practice the participants learnt how to use the tools and materials safely. They began by sharing stories and discussing what they wanted to achieve from the sessions then were introduced to the media and practised breaking and cutting glass pieces. They had conversations on what ‘home’ means to them and used personal images to plan a scene to create in glass.

Participants learnt to use various types of glass to experiment with colours and effects. From this they created a coaster using themed colours that evoke memories. They created stunning scenes using a variety of coloured glass materials and were keen to experiment with ideas and materials in future. They then looked at making jewellery with a different type of glass and made pendants and earrings.

They learnt to feel more comfortable within in the group often sharing physical conditions and problems that had been holding them back. Whilst some assumed that they would be unable to participate fully in the session, but after being shown how to use the materials they went from strength to strength. Participant’s demeanour changed and they visibly relaxed, engaged and absorbed by the activity. After some intense concentration they relaxed with a calming zentangle activity to relax and calm the mind.


“Absolutely loved doing the glass workshop. It had me really absorbed and the time flew!”

“Very enjoyable and learnt new skills, thank you.”

“Last time I worked with glass was half a lifetime ago! I think my hands have got a bit bigger since then…really enjoyed the class…”

“This workshop was absorbing, a challenge and gave the opportunity to be expressive in a new medium and it was really rewarding”

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