Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 2

Theresa Hempsell led the next 5 sessions to encourage the local community to share their stories through the design, make and construction of books using fabric, paper and stitching as a book binding technique.

Workshops began with the introduction and discussion of the project, where everyone decided what examples or images of similar work they would use for inspiration. They thought about what idea they wanted to portray and who they would like to be their reader or viewer. And then they began sketching out their story and book ideas. Some worked with textile using stitch and appliqué. As this could be adapted for those not so interested in fabric, utilising the option of an appliqué panel or paper cut out panel. Which meant a finished piece would be on paper using textural fabric, or paper to depict a particular scene; like a particular occasion or memory. Others created a textile book where methods of binding were demonstrated or used.

Participants developed further skills by drawing up images and wording for their books. Thinking page by page about the layout, format, colour, shape, and pattern – and beginning to draw these up using applique. Participants were excited about designing sheets of colour and texture and were collecting fabrics together, and finding memorable papers. They learned blanket stitch and other necessary stitches, whilst also beginning to learn how to use the sewing machine -although some only needed a refresher.

Putting the book together page by page – was fun, using stitching and their new collating techniques. Many were happy with their finished piece of work, as some had explored the possibility of binding too.


At the end of the sessions some participant feedback was captured

“I had a very interesting session with Theresa, starting to make a story book…”

“Theresa taught me how to make my birds standout on the picture”

“I have really enjoyed the course with Theresa at Artcore. From feeling isolated and devoid of ideas this course has kick started me”

“The free sewing skills she has taught me could open up more ways of creating art…”

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