Art Enhancing Life – Community – AEL Community Van Gogh goes digital – Magdalena


A very enjoyable digital workshop using tablets and the Autodesk Sketchbook App. The participants created digital artwork such as sunflowers and geometric patterns (inspired by legendary artist Vincent Van Gough) both individually and within a group.

Digital art was a technique that was very new to many members of the group and after a few practices, they were ready to tackle their main project. This was a series of very laid back workshops that have inspired the participants to want to learn more about art within digital technology.


“I loved learning how to paint via the app and learning how to use different tools.”  

“The session was really useful. I learned many new techniques in digital art.” 

“ Thanks, I had great fun.“ 

“ A lovely workshop and very enjoyable. Thank you Magdalena and Chris for your help learning about digital art.” 

“ I’ve enjoyed it and want to learn more about tablets and phones. “