Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 12

Through a series of artistic techniques such as perspective drawing, template making and digital photoshopping a city was born. Over a period of five weeks, artist Bob Moulder inspired participants to construct a fantasy city through creating model buildings. These sessions proved to be very intriguing for people with design experience and to those who were novices. The end result was a ‘Hamlet’ style city and some of the participants got inspiration from Gothic architecture structures. On completion of the city, the group made a ‘Street View’ video on their phones by mounting them onto a Meccano Buggy, representing someone walking through their city.

The buildings were created using egg boxes, paints, toilet roll tubes and then re-enforced with foam board. This project really pushed the participants to stretch their imaginations to come up with the finer details for their buildings. At times, this may have been tricky, but everyone in the group persevered, which enabled them to put their own individual mark on their city. In total, eighteen houses were built along with a monolithic town hall.

The participants really enjoyed the sessions, from adding the smaller details to watching the city rise. They liked how different the project was compared to other artistic activities they had done, and felt that the building of the city helped to increase their own sense of community among their peers.


“I found the sessions really interesting.”

“I’m happy I made a little house.”

“Very enjoyable session.”

“Different, but learning, thank you.”