Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme10

Throughout November and December astute artist Magdalena taught the participants techniques in mosaic making. The group was popular and the studio became a busy hub of activity. People grew in confidence with mosaics and many decided to take on board different challenges in design, composition and cutting. As the sessions continued with support from Magdalena and volunteers, participants decided to go for the most difficult versions to challenge themselves and bring them greater satisfaction.

We found great health benefits to people from these sessions, one participant opened their mind and soul up and completely forgot about any worries enjoying it so much. We learn a lot through art and discipline.

Some of the group had difficulties cutting tiles but with support and reassurance gained confidence whilst others with limited English or social skills had to learn to share, ask permission and negotiate. This was challenging but ultimately they learnt the art of compromising, accepting others capabilities and cultural backgrounds. By the end of the sessions they were an inclusive and supportive group with much more considerate behaviours towards each other.

One participant absolutely loved the trying mosaics for the first time and with assistance became less and less dependent on their support worker. Some deal with panic attacks and mental health issues but being in these situations help them overcome these problems, gain confidence and make improvements.  Participants are encouraged to be more expressive in art than in words.

The sessions sparked one participants interest in art courses and will research them at the university as they feel they will benefit a lot from a professional art course in the future.


“Very good, learnt a lot and enjoyed talking to people.”

“Loved today, thank you!”

“I really enjoyed Artcore today, really peaceful and quiet, made some great things, definitely coming again!”

“A very enjoyable activity for a seminar. Tutor and helper were thoughtful and useful. Please can we have more mosaic seminars?! Thank you!”

“I’ve enjoyed doing mosaics, learning new skills and very friendly.”

“Lovely lady, enjoyed making the mosaics, thank you!”

“Loved today, made me very happy!!! Hope we can do more mosaic in the future!”

“I think over time we have learned to cope better with unexpected situations.”

“I love making time for myself  in a friendly inclusive place”

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