Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme1

Susie Botting led our first 5 sessions to link diverse communities through the power of art. Everyone thought about their personal goals and hopes for the future. They created handprint trees and drew around their own hands with images on each for past, present and future dreams. The group worked on canvas with their own original Mandala designs, they used paint and tools to create different mark making ideas and textures. They collaged words and feelings onto the hands and reflected on the mandalas they made exploring different ways of working with the materials and colours to link in with their emotions in a more abstract form. Clay techniques were shown to make circle mandalas and hands out of clay to place on the clay mandala circle. The clay was then decorated with stamps and impressions. They looked at the tree of life and represented themselves as a tree.

Participants learned to think about mark making in a creative way to experiment with colour, explore textures, different painting and mixing colours techniques and how to make textures on clay. Everyone was able to fully access the techniques around using clay and communicated well with each other sharing what they made and personal goals. The sessions were focussed and calm with participants feeding back the benefits they’d seen by coming.


’I thought it was a lovely experience and a relaxing environment’ – participant

‘I feel better and more inspired after the group today’ – participant

‘I have been isolated due to caring responsibilities, it’s nice to get other people from various backgrounds together’ -participant

‘Enjoyed it – especially as I am not the new girl anymore!! Helpful art assistants too – drinks and biscuits’ – participant

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