Art Enhancing Life – Community – Programme 11

Dawn Campion led a series of workshops creating colourful wall hangings, during these sessions participants used a range of different sewing techniques. They were encouraged to take inspiration for their designs from the art of David Hockney and L.S. Lowry, who used block colours to express themselves through their art. They learned to design and stitch their wall hangings together and got to take home their finished.

In the first session participants drew their design on paper using coloured pens and pencils and thought about the different things they might want to put on a wall hanging and the layout they wanted. As the sessions continued, they cut out different materials, pinned them into place and then sewed them on to the wall hanging base. They got to use lots of different coloured fabrics and materials to create their designs, including ribbons, buttons and crochet thread.

The sessions where laid back so there was plenty of opportunity for the participants to learn and practice new skills to make their design exactly how they wanted. They also really enjoyed the social and friendly atmosphere and loved chatting and spending time with one another. They loved the sewing workshop and hope for another one soon!


“Love Dawn’s workshops. Really hope after next Monday that she gets to do more workshops for us! Love my wall hanging!”

“Great session as usual, making new friendships, thank you.”

“Lovely friendly group. Cheered me and a friend up. I’m looking forward to giving my tapestry to someone I love and making them happy too.”

“Had a fabulous time! Looking forward to next week!”

“Great session with Dawn. Enjoying the making of my wall hanging.”