Artcore’s project Art Enhancing Lives, aims to support the delivery of Art in the Community, in Health and Well being and in the Education and Learning sector.  We aim to give positive experiences to these target groups to enable the opportunity to address issues facing people with physical and mental health difficulties for example who are at risk of isolation. Art is known to have a very positive effect on mental health and dementia sufferers. Or can be used as a positive tool to address issues faced by young people including those who have been excluded from school, who are at risk of anti-social behaviour and young unemployed people to increase community integration and social isolation.

Workshops are held at Artcore or in various community spaces including care homes. Our workshops are all led by professional Artists and participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills by exploring different visual art forms giving them a sense of achievement which they can continue to pursue independently of Artcore if they choose.

Artcore’s activities are tailored for delivery in an inclusive environment which will help restore self-esteem encourage new skills and will help express feelings – art becomes the voice.