Craft Club Project Five – Valentines wall hangings

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Craft Club’s fifth project was working with air-drying clay to create valentines clay themed wall-hangings. With this clay there is no need to fire in a kiln so working with it is different. It is important the participants share and teach the use of different mediums and materials to further their learning and confidence with materials.

The participants used cake cutters shaped as hearts to slice through the clay, giving a crisp, consistent edge and a professional finish that appealed to the work. Patterned wooden blocks were pushed into the clay to leave the intricate designs on the surface. The hearts were then painted a few coats of red in order to give a good flat colour. The details were revealed using gold and silver pens and tassels made using wool and string to complement the designs and finish them off in a professional manner. The pieces look strong together with ribbon to create lovely wall hangings perfect for any home!



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