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We continued the second year of working in partnership with Deda delivering Discover level Arts Awards to take 180 young people on an art journey. Students from 3 local Schools were invited to take part in Derby Festé 2018 focusing on the Circus. All the children taking part in the project visited Déda to see Showmanship and Performance: 250 Years of Circus exhibition, celebrating 250 years of circus history showcasing material from the National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA) at the University of Sheffield Library.

The children were inspired to learn what the circus used to be like and how it has changed. Each art pathway class then worked with a visual artist in a workshop at the School to create circus posters. The children were engaged and inspired to design and make a Poster that advertises a Circus coming to town, using the technique of paper cut-outs inspired by Matisse. The pupils used their imagination and sense of play to create artworks using vibrant colours, graphic design, composition, collage, different paper textures and patterns to make their very own representation of the circus. These have been shown at a celebration event and exhibition at Artcore to showcase the children’s achievements. The children doing the Visual Art journey came to see their own work hung in the gallery. The exhibition was shared and open to the public.

Each young person visited Artcore to see a professional artist’s exhibition with the opportunity to talk to visual artists about their careers. They came to see The Institute of Reminiscence at Artcore as part of Format Festival, an international photography festival. The children learnt about the techniques that each artist had used and their inspirations and responded by making sketches of what had individually inspired them in their Arts Award logbooks. During these visits the children also had talks about careers in the creative industries and the chance to ask questions to see how art can be a creative journey beyond School. We supported their pathway through curiosity and reflection to discover what art can be and the creative career choices they can follow.


‘Great exhibition. Children could relate to and recognise many of the locations on the slides. Great input from Mariano and keen to share his work and the inspiration behind it’

Quotes from children:

“I have had an amazing time. My memories had come back and I am full of joy”

“I have been inspired by the amazing artists”

“Now I know the meaning of art”

“I have found it really inspiring to come and talk to a real artist”

“I didn’t know you could study art”

“I think it was a very exciting and inspiring experience”

“Great exhibition, children could relate”

“Definitely stimulated ideas in our students and certainly woke some memories in me”

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