Craft Club Project Three-Linocut tote bags

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Craft Club’s third project was looking at a completely different medium – lino! The sessions looked at how to make a design for a tote bag using a block of lino. The group talked about repetition of shapes, composition and positive and negative space. They created and transferred their designs from paper to the lino and, after a bit of practice with the lino cutters, they all took to carving out their shapes with care and attention.

Members of the group supported and encouraged each other as working in this way was out of some crafters comfort zone. But from learning new techniques great things can come and once they rolled the ink onto the carved lino blocks the crafters were amazed at the prints created. They enjoyed skilfully experimenting with blending colours and tessellating shapes to make their best tote bag each. Once dry they embroidered buttons, jewels and stitching to make unique customised bags ready for sale at Craftcore. Everyone created unique results and their ambitions grew each week.

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