Craft Club Project Two – Clay pinch pots and pendants

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The second project looked at using clay as a medium to make professional pots and jewellery with Jane Smith. This was a new medium to many of the crafters and a good skill to learn manipulation with fingers and hands. Clay is very intuitive and can easily go wrong so manipulating it into functional and decorative objects was a challenge, but had great results.

Some crafters explored different size pinch pots beginning with a ball of clay and squeezing it between their thumbs and fingers. Others preferred to roll out slabs of flat clay or coils and connect them together to create little pots which will hold small herbs of plants. They continued with small clay shapes to loop through cords to wear as jewellery. The participants enjoyed the process and the fact they were in control of their own individual designs and outcomes. Once glazed all these beautiful clay pieces really showed the hard work and dedication of the group and were completely individual to each person.

They talked about how to package the pots and decided they wanted to showcase them not cover them up too much. Raffia and tags were made with each crafter explaining their thoughts on the final products. With lots of decisions left up to them and encouragement and guidance along the way the participants improved their esteem and self-confidence.


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