Art Attachments

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Art Attachments is an umbrella project that looks at strengthening opportunities for artists and developing Artcore’s annual artistic programme.

The project has three levels of engagement:

Bridge the Gap:

It offers Artist Residencies, Exhibitions, Mentoring opportunities and a platform for Arts graduates from Derby University and practising artists in the East Midlands, providing them a stimulating platform and ambience to continue their practice and encouraging research based projects to develop into exciting art exhibitions to be held at Artcore, Déda, Derby Museums and Derby Hospitals (Air Arts).

Art Café Exchange:

This will focus on developing a robust, intellectually engaging calendar of talks, seminars and workshops for art school students, teachers, practising artists and crafts persons. Culture experts, senior artists, curators, gallerists, museologists will be invited to explore the different issues and challenges experienced in the art world.


A newly refurbished modern studio and exhibition space at Artcore. It offers a professionally managed, alternative Cultural Campus, with networking opportunities and promoting young art from the East Midlands.


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