Creating Vivid dreams – Session two 22nd June 2016

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‘Creating Vivid dreams’ – Session two on Wednesday 22nd June 10.30 – 12.30

Aims: Mix colours to produce a collection of coloured textured papers.

Participants mixed colours and applied these to paper using a variety of different methods to create a selection of textures. Apply the principles of the colour wheel that they learnt last week to their mixing and Introduce different methods of applying paint. It helped ignite creative thoughts and an atmosphere where participants felt comfortable to express themselves.

The participants had a really enjoyable session. New attendees learnt about the course, they mixed paint and through experimentation, learnt different ways to put paint onto paper to create different textures. They all loved this, despite the exercise taking them out of their ‘comfort’ zone!

Once again they chatted; laughed and interacted. They were engaged, motivated and inspired. Recapped and discussed The Colour Wheel and Mixed colours and explored a variety of ways to apply texture to paper.

There was a good balance and variation of learning styles – but with the emphasis being on the visual and the participation being kinaesthetic. This made the session inclusive for all. There was a great creative buzz and I loved seeing the participants really engaging themselves and embracing doing something totally different than they would normally do. More ideas and experimentation took place because everyone fed of each other.




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