Creating Vivid dreams – Session one 8th June 2016

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‘Creating Vivid dreams’ – Session one , Wednesday 8th June 10.30 – 12.30 at Artcore Studios

Aims: Enabling participants to understand mixing colours to produce their own colour wheel.

Participants mixed colours beautifully and experimentally using the colour wheel as a reference. A few of the learners hadn’t mixed colours before; and decided that they would all benefit from just investigating and enjoying the results! Understanding  the principles of the colour wheel and igniting creative thoughts.

The participants all had a really enjoyable session; they learned about the course, mixed paint which gave them the opportunity to learn the principles kinaesthetically; chatted; laughed and interacted with one another. They were engaged, motivated and inspired.

There was a great creative buzz and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the learners discovering something new and expressing their delight in this. The learners are new, getting to know them and their skill base will help me plan future sessions. A lovely group and are open to ideas and willing to try new things.

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