Invisible Boundaries – 24 November 2015

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On Friday 20th November 2015, Artcore’s team members took part in a lovely walk in the Arboretum Park in Derby as part of the project Invisible Boundaries Sharing Heritage.

What better way to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the park than on foot while enjoying some good fresh air? It was interesting to note how the park changed over the months: we witnessed the magnificent glory of the park during the summer, where trees were all green and full of life; then we saw a colourful landscape with shades of red, yellow and orange during autumn; and now, we wandered around a quiet and cold scenery with branches of the bare trees immersed in a grey sky.

Did you know that this park was Britain’s first public park and that it was also a font of inspiration for the development of the Central Park in New York which was based upon the design of the Arboretum?

There are activities planned such as more themed walks, talks, research, find the fact sessions and historical discussions.

If you would like to be a part of the project, please contact us on or 01332 384561.

For more information about the project, you can visit the website

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