Bloody Boats – 5th February 2016

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It was wonderful to have had visitors from Upbeat Community in Derby for the show ‪#‎bloodyboats‬. A group of fifteen women visited the show, they all are migrated to UK from around the world. They felt really inspired and touched when they read about the show in newspapers and social media and heard about the same on radio and in news, which urged them to personally visit the gallery. The works have impacted many and have led to various platforms for discussion and initiated a communication/ talks among the community on issues which the migrants face. One of the visitors was overwhelmed and was in tears when she could connect to the visuals by the artist and understood the underlying meaning behind the artworks. She shared her experience of how it really pushes someone to take steps towards migration and seeking refuge or leaving their country or loved ones We at Artcore feel happy to have connected to these women and bring in some happy moments as they all stay together and enjoy food from various parts of the world. It was nice to have them at the gallery and interact with them though their first language is not English which is common to all and they st

ill strongly connect with each other.

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