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Art T Time is a year long free project by Artcore that is designed for people aged 50 and over. The aim of the project is to bring out the best in marginalised older people and to encourage different ethnicities to work together and socialise. The participants of this project will be able to choose an art medium to do during the 2 hour period. This project will achieve a number of outcomes all of which benefit the wider community. They include (but are not restricted to):-

• Improved community cohesion

• More socially active older people

• New skills acquired by older people

• Enhanced feelings of self-esteem and self-worth

• Visible evidence of individually created artistic objects

This project received big lottery fund – awards for all funding.



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In recent sessions, participants began to complete their painted artworks and started creating pieces of jewellery.

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On the 11th August 2015, the participants worked in various mediums such as painting and lipan.  With their skills noticeably improving and their confidence growing, participants were attempting more difficult pieces of work using the skills they had learnt throughout the course of the project.

_MG_7893 _MG_7894 _MG_7895 _MG_7896 _MG_7897 _MG_7898 _MG_7900 _MG_7901 _MG_7902 _MG_7903 _MG_7905


In this week, Art T Time took place in the Arboretum park. As part of a day of family activities near the cafe in the Arboretum Park Derby on 4th August 2015, the participants of this project had the opportunity to work creating lipan artworks in the park.

_MG_7479 _MG_7487 _MG_7488 _MG_7500 _MG_7501 _MG_7502 _MG_7517 _MG_7552 _MG_7554 _MG_7563 _MG_7608 _MG_7611


Participants had fun in Art T Time, finishing their artworks and socialising with friends. Fine tuning their skills and techniques in the mediums of canvas paining and mosaic. participants’ confidence in themselves and their work was growing significantly.

_MG_7241 _MG_7245 _MG_7247 _MG_7249 _MG_7250 _MG_7251


_MG_6829 _MG_6832 _MG_6833 _MG_6835 _MG_6836 _MG_6844 _MG_6847 _MG_6848 _MG_6850

Participants persisted with completing their canvas paintings and then moved on to the medium of mosaic.

_MG_6398 _MG_6412 _MG_6416 _MG_6417 _MG_6418 _MG_6419 _MG_6426 _MG_6427


As a part of the open event ‘Artwave’ Art T Time took place on Thursday the 9th, with participants continued with their canvas paintings as well as members of the community ahaving the opportunity to take part in taster activities for mediums such a mosaic, block printing and ceramics.

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This session saw participants practice the medium of painting on canvases. Although this medium had already been explored before, new skills were learnt and more detailed artworks created.

_MG_5226 _MG_5227 _MG_5228 _MG_5232 _MG_5234 _MG_5235 _MG_5237 _MG_5239 _MG_5240_MG_5170_MG_5172_MG_5173_MG_5174_MG_5175_MG_5177_MG_5178_MG_5181_MG_5182_MG_5183_MG_5184_MG_5185


  IMG_5040 IMG_5041                                                      IMG_5038 IMG_5042 IMG_5037

Participants had worked using the medium of block printing to create personalized design on fabric in recent sessions of Art T Time. The designs have progressed into producing small garments such as print your own design on scarves.

_MG_4983 _MG_4986 _MG_5008_MG_4776 _MG_4778 _MG_4780_MG_4781 _MG_4782 _MG_4783  _MG_4797 _MG_4798 _MG_4799_MG_4803 _MG_4804 _MG_4787

20150512_120656 20150512_115108 20150512_115029 20150512_11500920150512_115015 20150512_114637 20150512_114659 


In recent sessions, participants had been trying their hand at the medium of jewellery crafting. Being shown specific techniques and using them to create intricate pieces of jewellery they could take home.

_MG_4397 _MG_4398 _MG_4400 _MG_4405 _MG_4410 _MG_4411

_MG_4437 _MG_4438 _MG_4440 _MG_4441 _MG_4442 _MG_4443 _MG_4448 _MG_4449 _MG_4450


This weeks session of Art T Time had participants fine tune their skills in their selected medium. They continued to complete artworks to a professional standard and ever strive to perfect their work as they continued the course.

IMG_4156 IMG_4158 IMG_4160 IMG_4161 IMG_4163 IMG_4164_MG_4295 _MG_4300 _MG_4303 _MG_4305 _MG_4306 _MG_4307 _MG_4308 _MG_4314 _MG_4316


In this session, participants continued to show growth in their knowledge and skill of different art mediums. Now having created several pieces of personal artworks to take home with them, the participants had enjoyed their time at Artcore during this project and have embraced their creative flair as well as socialised with new friends they have acquainted throughout the duration of this project.

_MG_2463 _MG_3062 _MG_2474  _MG_2474 _MG_3066 _MG_3067_MG_3411 _MG_3412 _MG_3413


After now completing several pieces of artwork they were very proud to try their hand at a variety of artistic mediums, the participants of ‘Art T Time’ were noticeably more confident in the work they were doing.

_MG_2436 _MG_2439 _MG_2445


Participants of ‘Art T time’ continued to socialise and engage in new activities, broadening their skills using various art based mediums

WP_20150210_002 WP_20150210_007 WP_20150210_008 _MG_2013 _MG_2014 _MG_2015 _MG_2017 _MG_2018 WP_20150210_009


The first few sessions of ‘Art T Time’ all participants engaged in creative activities and meeting new people.

_MG_0950 _MG_0952 _MG_0958 _MG_0960 IMG_1445 IMG_1450 IMG_1453 IMG_1456 _MG_0954

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