Invisible Boundaries – Artist Residencies (August 2015 – September 2015)

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Artcore’s project INVISIBLE BOUNDARIES focuses on the rich diversity of communities that call Derby their home and explores what they have contributed to the country of their adoption as well the efforts made by England to offer them the embrace of equal opportunity and democratic living.

The Invisible Boundaries has many levels of engagement locally, for community members and artists, focusing on The Arboretum Park in Derby. The project engages the community in celebrating the history of the Arboretum Park and the visible and invisible boundaries surrounding it over the 175 years.

Invisible Boundaries includes the celebration of the 175 years of Arboretum Park, in Normanton, Derby, which is the first publicly owned, landscaped, urban, recreational park in England.

The project has two main aims – artistic and public education along with an underlying theme of being good neighbours, the idea of neighbourhood, and of giving back to the community.

The artistic side of the project engages sculptors and communities in connecting with celebrating the Arboretum Park and its history through the medium of Sculpture making. There will be residencies, talks, presentations and community participation activities and much more.

The Heritage side of the project will concentrate on activities such as themed walks, talks, research and historical discussions that will highlight the wonderful heritage of the Arboretum – botanical, historical, and architectural, highlighting the heritage of cultural change that has taken place in and around the Arboretum.

A series of workshops in the Arboretum Park Orangery will be held by Artcore over the course of the summer 2015. In these workshops, all of Derby’s multicultural communities are invited to come, take part and celebrate the Arboretum.

There are 3 strands to this project;

Community Participation, Sharing Heritage and Artist Residencies.


To find out more, please visit the project website:


As a part of the Artist Residencies section of this project, Artcore is sending a call-out for Artists to take part in making a sculpture to celebrate the park.


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More information about this can be found out at our project website:

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