Pocket Places for People (2014 – March 2015)

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Throughout the project ‘Pocket Places For People’ Artcore has conducted a series of art interventions within the Derby and Normanton area with the main goal of creating a semi-permanent road feature which will make drivers more aware of pedestrians crossing the roads in Normanton. Artcore has been working with Sustrans to help transform the streets of Normanton into a safe and vibrant place where people want to be. The interventions have included 3 main areas of reference for idea generation. These areas are: school workshops, interviewing local business owners and holding art interventions in the street for the public to attend and give feedback next to the location the feature has been proposed to be. The main aim of this project is to spray a semi-permanent design on to a road in Normanton over roads which are called ‘desire lines’. These raised discoloured areas of road are not legal road markings, but however do indicate the point of the road where research has shown most pedestrians desire to cross. The design to be sprayed on the road will cause drivers to be more aware of the desire lines and therefore be more cautious regarding pedestrians crossing when driving the streets of Normanton.

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