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Creative Generations was an intergenerational project intended for children, young people and older people to come together and work together in the Abbey Ward. The aim of the project was to engage different generations by working together on a creative arts project to help them understand each other’s perspectives. It provided an opportunity for people to make friends and support networks, and take pride in their achievements and the artworks they had created.

Organisations, participants, groups and community centres from the Abbey area were invited to partner in the project.

This project contained sessions working with young people, sessions with older generations and sessions that collaborate all age groups together to encourage team work, communication between younger and older people within the community.

Some of the sessions involved working at the Beckett children’s centre with young people, working in the medium of clay modelling, The session at the Stonehill Nursery, children worked together to create a piece of artwork using block printing.

Some workshops involving older generations at the Church side community room and Manor Fields nursing were based around block printing and picture collage, creating collaborative artworks about portraying spring time which will be donated and displayed in the community.

The activities at the Bramble Brook community family disco where participants of all ages worked together in the medium of block print to create a themed piece of artwork.

The Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust Youth Group aged 16-18. The medium used was drawing designs on paper and modelling with Lipan. We explored the use of Emoji, social media symbols used by so many people on a day to day basis, to express some of the emotions within the group. The finished results were very successful in their messages, ranging from a smiley panda and a pretty butterfly to subtle use of mirrors and patterns that showed positive and negative emotions on a single face.

Outcomes from the project:

  • This project has created a positive opportunity for interaction through an arts initiative to help to break down barriers between different ages, ethnic or social groups, and promote valuing diversity. It supported in creating a sense of belongingness in the community.
  • The activities have been enjoyable and fun, carrying therapeutic values and managed to generate innovative, high impact and engaging messages bringing communities together.
  • We worked with approximately 250 participants and majority were from the Abbey area.
  • Offered an opportunity for all generations to learn a new skill together and for the young to guide older people and vice versa. In some cases it enabled all generations of families to contribute and work together equally on a group artwork.
  • We were able to make new contacts in the community and build strong relationships with them.
  • The group artworks gave a sense of identity to the spaces which were often stark and impersonal.
  • The participants were all able to have creative input in group artworks.
  • Allowed new groups to create a sense of ownership and pride.
  • Learning a new skill increased individual levels of confidence and ability to be creative and had fun.
  • Offered opportunities for creative self-expression which were therapeutic and enlightening.
  • Young people were able to explore and share mental health issues and messages of wellbeing through the fusion of Lipan and social media Emojee symbols. This was exhibited for the public to see during Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • Elderly people (some with dementia) were able to take part in a new activity with younger people and younger members of their families. It allowed them to show new sides of their personalities and abilities.
  • Relieved social isolation of the elderly and renewed their self-confidence and belief in themselves.
  • Offered an opportunity for young learning disabled residents to learn a new skill and socialise with other residents who were older.

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Some sessions were organised working with Becket’s Children Centre involving Toddler groups, Dads and young children, young mums group and some young creatives from the nursery. They participated in sessions making Rangoli and Block printing activities.

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Sessions were also held at the Stonehill Nursery. A video of the session can be seen below.
IMG_1603 IMG_1614 IMG_1616


The  ‘Creative Generations’ project was in full swing by January, generating an interest from a multitude of various groups across the Abbey Ward.

Creative Generations ever continues to strongly promote inter-generational bonding through collaborative works, with the intent to have all age groups working together. There have been sessions involving the young and elder generations in creating collaborative art pieces.

As an outcome from this project people from different groups have come together and cooperate as friends with one another, regardless of the age group. Family’s are involved with the activities and workshops delivered by Artcore, resulting in all the family having opportunities to be creative.

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Now the Creative Generations project has now drawn to a conclusion, with Artcore’s aim to promote inter-generational bonding leading to fruitful outcome. There have been sessions involving the younger generation from toddlers to nursery school children and teenagers. Likewise we have offered sessions inviting more mature budding artists, from parents at a family disco to the elderly residing in care homes.

Local organisations, schools, church groups and community centers were all eager and willing to take part. It was delightful to see people from different backgrounds and age groups all coming together to work and strengthen community links, creating artworks that everyone can be proud of.

A big thank you to Tom Carey fund for supporting this project.

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