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Art to Active Employment is a project currently running here at Artcore. The project was created through the idea of bringing skills and hands on training and support to the unemployed aged 19 years and up, through alternative and creative ways of learning.

  • Register on to a 5 week programme
  • Painting, Ceramics, Mosaic, Sand Casting, Jewellery Making
  • Personal Development, Presentation, Effective Interviews, Communication, Confidence Building
  • Opportunities to Volunteer at Artcore
  • Workshops, Seminars, Networking Opportunities, Hands on Experience
  • Completely Free of Charge

Each participant of the project has the opportunity to select 3 art mediums out the above listed, and 2 softer skills out of the above listed to develop over the course of the 5 week programme do help develop both their personal skills practically, as individuals and in a community team, and self-confidence in regards to self-conduct, self-representation and employability of the participant. Start: 15th September 2014 Every Wednesday 11.30 – 2.00

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The final celebration of ‘Art to Active Employment’ was on the 27th February 2015.

All the participants were invited to join the tutors and volunteers at Artcore to celebrate their achievements, collect a certificate, enjoy some refreshments and express their thoughts and views regarding the process and the progress they have personally made.


Wednesday 18th February 2015

In this session, the medium of canvass painting was used. Participants learnt how to create an image on a canvass and the techniques of painting the image for a professional finish.

_MG_2055 _MG_2057 _MG_2060


Wednesday 11th February 2015

Participants worked towards finish off their artworks and creating a piece through the medium of mosaic.

_MG_1882 _MG_1883 _MG_2054


Wednesday 4th February 2015

Participants worked through a medium of their choice to practice their skills and complete a piece of artwork.

IMG_1667 IMG_1706 IMG_1782


Wednesday 28th January 2015

The session was in the medium of mosaic.

IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1466


Wednesday the 14th January 2015 

Activities were led using the medium of jewellery. Participants were shown some techniques to create jewellery then had a go at creating some for themselves.

Quotes from the day:

Zakra –  “I learnt how to make a bracelet and I enjoyed making jewellery today.”

Mamta – “I made a necklace and earrings, It was fun and i learnt techniques on how to make different kinds of jewellery.”

_MG_0859 _MG_0864 _MG_0866


The Fourteenth session was on Wednesday the 7th January 2015.

Participants continued with their artworks based on the medium of mosaic. They were proud of the accomplishments they had achieved within the session.

Quotes from the day:

Zakra –  “I finished last sessions design with mosaic and now I have made my initial on a small board. I loved it.”

Fakhara – “I tried to complete my mosaic. It is an enjoyable task. I really enjoy doing this.”

_MG_0802 _MG_0804 _MG_0837


Wednesday the 17th December 2014

Participants were involved in a workshop based around the medium of mosaic. A presentation was displayed for the participants to see, then they had a go themselves at recreating the techniques they had been shown.

Quotes from the day:

Shakila –  “I made a butterfly pattern and I liked to make it. I enjoyed it.”

Fakhara – “I enjoyed today I learnt new skills. This is something I would like to come to more often.”

IMG_0278 IMG_0290 IMG_0295


Wednesday the 10th December 2014

Participants actively identified and had a go at setting goals. There were discussions about Aspirations and ways to achieve them.

Quotes from the day:

Diane –  “Makes your think about what you want to do and how to go about it.”

Shareen – “I learnt about aspirations and I liked how the teacher explained it.” _MG_0150 _MG_0152 _MG_0153


Wednesday the 3rd December 2014

In this session, participants worked on their past artworks, continuing to use mosaic and jewellery  making to create finished pieces.

Quotes from the day:

Diane –  “I finished my cat! I’m very pleased with myself.”

Ranjana – “I made a bracelet first time and I enjoyed it.”

_MG_9802 _MG_9803 _MG_9806


Wednesday the 26th November 2014

In this session, participants were involved in an activity based around creating jewellery. Beads and small elastic thread was used to create necklaces and bracelets. Small stones and metal hooks were also used to create earrings.

Quotes from the day:

Diane –  “I started making a bracelet, I loved the session, I want to do more.”

Nani – “I made a necklace with small colourful beads. I enjoyed today’s session.”    _MG_9747 _MG_9748 _MG_9752 


Monday the 24th November 2014

During this session, participants worked with the medium of mosaic, creating artefacts which can be used for gifts or decorative purposes.

Quotes from the day:

Kubra –  “I enjoyed finishing my design from the previous session.”

Diane – “I enjoyed the mosaic session. I am making a cat out of mosaic. I was very happy with the session overall.”

_MG_9768 _MG_9780 _MG_9781


Wednesday the 19th November 2014

A session teaching attendants how to mould clay and how to use a potter’s wheel occurred at Artcore. Bowls and ornaments were created by participants using the techniques they had been shown.

Quotes from the day:

Ranjana –  “I enjoyed the clay session today.”

Bushra – “I really liked clay modelling. It was fun and everybody was very caring.” _MG_9556  _MG_9564 _MG_9566


Tuesday the 4th November 2014

An educative session based on effective communication and confidentiality within communication was conducted. Participants were given examples of different methods of communication and information about what makes good and bad communication regarding the relaying of information relative to the topic .

Quotes from the day:

Kubra – “I learnt how important communication is and I tried to speak in English today in front of a group”

Houma – “I think this session was quite useful as we all know the importance of effective communication”

_MG_9279 _MG_9280 _MG_9283


Tuesday the 21st October 2014

Participants created sculptures by moulding clay into shapes and using tools to create intricate, detailed patterns.

Quotes from the day:

Dhanyal – “I designed my clay model. I did a 3D design. I enjoyed it.”

Lisa – “I have made a cup and I really enjoyed it.

_MG_9271 _MG_9272 _MG_9273


Monday the 20th October 2014

Participants were involved in painting on canvass. Drawings and sketches were created on tracing paper, and then transferred to canvass to be painted in this activity.

Quotes from the day:

Dhanyal – “I designed my painting first then drew it on a canvas and then I painted.”

Fouzia – “It was my first attempt to paint on a canvas. I proud of my first heart painting. I made a big purple heart and 3 colourful hearts with the yellow background. ” _MG_9185 _MG_9195 _MG_9274


Tuesday the 14th October 2014

Participants were involved in an art medium known as rangoli, which is a traditional craft that comes from India, and involves creating pictures using natural materials such as rice and lentils.

Quotes from the day:

Mukta – “It was a nice experience.”

Lisa – “Other than being very messy, it’s a really joyful activity. ”

_MG_9117  _MG_9119 _MG_9121


Monday the 13th October 2014

Participants were shown how to make different types of jewellery using beads and wire among other materials. The workshop aided those involved to think creatively to produce their own jewellery.

Quotes from the day:

Lakmina – “I did enjoy the session, and it made me feel that I am a creative person.”

Dhanyal – “I learnt how to make a bracelet.”

_MG_9106 _MG_9113 _MG_9115


Tuesday the 7th October 2014

Participants were involved in activities and talks about setting and achieving goals to boost aspirations. Targets were set by the participants and they worked backwards in from where they want to be down to where they are now in order to learn how to set realistic goals.

Quotes from the day:

Fouzia – “I learnt about self management, how to manage yourself on a daily basis.”

Lisa – “I now know where I start and what i have to do to achieve my aspirations.”    20141007_120058 20141007_12010620141007_115852


Monday the 6th October 2014

Participants were involved in clay molding. Clay was beaten soft ready to use, then molds were used to created different shapes such as flowers, bowls and hearts.

Quotes from the day:

Lakmina – “I have learnt some new skills by making a clay pot”

Lisa – “I have made a few models now, some mold and some freehand” 20141006_11202420141006_112102 20141007_142435

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