Derby Feste at Deda (September 2014)

/ / Community Engagement Activities, The Web Of Water

As a part of Derby Feste, Artcore organised participatory activities for all to take part in from 12 pm to 4:30 pm. A large sculptural installation was created and set up as a interactive display by artist Heidi Luker as a representation of river ways and waterfalls. The collaborative sculpture which formed a part of the Web of Water project was created using fabric and wire in order to display both the free flowing and destructive qualities of water, utilising community participation, the fabric was decorated with various embellishments by the members of the public. The public were also encouraged to write, paint and create various changes to the material. The sculpture was exhibited in Deda, as part of Derby Feste 2014 and showcased as artworks by the participants whilst acting as a visual piece portraying the fluid properties of water.
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