Creative Journeys for Learning And Living 10th June 2014

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Artcore’s community project Creative Journeys for Learning and Living celebrated its conclusion on the 10th June 2014. The project, funded by the Community Learning Fund, was initially set up in order to provide support for unemployed adults aged 19 and above, using art as vehicle to build and develop skillsets that can be transferred into the work place. Creative Journeys for Learning and Living also provided a base for the further development of these skills, through professionally led workshops focusing on a range of topics in regards to employment and community, such as confidence building, effective communication and cultural awareness. Alongside these workshops, participants also engaged in visual art activities, such as mosaic work, pottery and jewellery craft as a device to help broaden the experiences of those involved.

As a direct outcome of this project, out of the 22 people involved, four people have moved into paid employment, five have decided to continue with education, all participants have been voluntarily involved with Artcore directly and five have volunteered within other separate organisations also.

The celebration event invited all the participants to join the tutors and volunteers at Artcore to celebrate their achievements, collect a certificate, enjoy some refreshments and express their thoughts and views regarding the process and the progress they have personally made.

‘I am a carer, for my husband, so it is very useful for me, it helps me a lot, to go out and meet some people…I met some people here who are my neighbours, but I didn’t know them before.’ – Entesar El-Saiyed

Mrs El-Saiyed personally highlighted her own journey within the project and how the help and support of the charity has allowed her some respite from her duties as a full time carer to her husband. Mrs El Saiyed also noted how this project has ignited her creative side and fuelled her to pursue further education and training in Hair and Beauty at a local college, with a view to a potential career path outside of her role as a carer.

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  1. Qurratul_ain says :Reply

    This course was really good, I learn so many new skills & I feel that I have more confidence now after done this couse.
    Really Thanks for Ruchita, who is really kind, friendly & best teacher.

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