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The ‘Changing Perspectives’ project is a six week programme working alongside the Derby City Council Youth Offending Services. In the weekly workshops, children are exploring different art mediums such as water-colour painting, collage, papier-mache, mask-making, designing and book-making, which will eventually be showcased in an exhibition. The project focuses on exploring and understanding emotions and improving self-esteem and behaviour, through different themes such as ‘positive and negative, positive relationships, aspirations, behaviour and nature’. The aim of the project is to support the participants in making better choices; preventing them from committing offences; and to discourage anti-social behaviour in their communities through raising aspirations, gaining direction, bringing out their abilities and providing them with a sense of achievement.

So far, in the first two weeks of the project, the children have looked at positive and negative emotions and events in their life. Through the medium of collage and water-colour, the children have depicted their own emotions using colour theory and expressionism. 

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