Diwali Workshop 9th November 2013

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Diwali Celebrations at the Old Market Square in Nottingham

On Saturday 9th November 2013 at the Old Market Square Nottingham, there were more than 500 Diyas twinkling in the night. A great atmosphere where morethan 1000 people in the square enjoying the lamps and lanterns made by the School kids during the art workshops and also a live demonstration of Rangoli Art on the floor by Niharika Dave, the visiting Artist from India. Artcore worked with more than 600 school pupils making approximately 800 Diyas and Lanterns which were lit and displayed along with Rangoli decorations for all to enjoy on the day.
Artcore artists delivered a series of creative workshops with 20 schools throughout Nottingham between September to November. The sessions included sharing stories related to Diwali, its importance and why it is celebrated along with making Diyas in various mediums.
A big thank you to all Nottingham City council and Nottingham Asian arts council for such a fantastic opportunity.
Thanks to all the kids and schools who supported to make it such a big event.
Also appreciate the efforts put in by Artcore staff and volunteers

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