Games Children Play – January to July 2012

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Artcore invites secondary schools, its students and teachers to participate in the remarkable experience, “Games Children Play” part of a larger project “Games People Play” with a series of broad based arts related activities held between September 2011 and 2012 leading up to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Background Games People Play involves collaborations, workshops, art exhibitions of artworks from established artists from India and the East Midlands.

Games Children Play will inspire the schools to create various pieces of work reflecting game related issues in connection to the overall project, “Games People Play”; raising profile locally, regionally and internationally. The project has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark, thus creating great amounts of publicity for the project and the schools involved.

The artworks created would strengthen the core values of the Cultural Olympiad communicating positive points for internationalism, cultural diversity, non-violence and aid awareness for the need to respect the environment.

Art Workshops:

1. Artcore will conduct an introductory workshop with gifted and talented pupils/schools explaining the curatorial theme, outcomes and quality expected of artworks to be produced.

2. This workshop will be conducted by artists taking part in the international exhibition of “Games People Play” from Artcore with experience of workshop delivery in schools. The students will make artworks on the theme of Sports and Games with special reference to the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic games.

3. We aim to get students to think about issues related to competitive games; to think about how civilisations innovated games as leisure as intellectually and physically challenging activities; of how psychologist Eric Berne, posed the question of ‘games’ played between people in terms of negotiating their relationships in his book “Games People Play”.

4. The selection of works will be done by the arts coordinator/head teacher of the school and Artcore.

Expressions of interest:  If your organisation/school is interested in delivering/taking part in the activities leading towards the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, or being part of this partnership and would like to discuss more with us, please contact us with your expression of interest before 27th April 2012.

Making it happen:

The selected Artworks will be exhibited at prestigious venues in Nottingham and Derby in the East Midlands. Venues like the QUAD in Derby, or The ICCA in Nottingham for the exhibition, held in mid-July 2012, will be significant and include a large show, and also will be around some important dates e.g. the Olympic Torch coming in Derby and much closer to the Olympics’ opening, showcasing exhibitions of artist and student artworks.

The exhibition for school pupils will open up opportunities for their cultural skill development and capacity development of schools in management of such activities, leaving a positive legacy for people of different backgrounds and ages.  With the popular subject of Games/Sports as the focus, we expect more people to visit the exhibitions including immigrant communities. The artworks will be shown along with Indian and English artists, the audience will be able to share and celebrate cultural identity through art forms and artistic styles used.

The Exhibition of Children’s artworks will be even more impactful, given personal ownership that participating schools, teachers, students, parents/families will have. Artcore is aware that there will be a selective number of schools taking part. To deliver and be a partner in this project  click here to download the expression of interest form to mail or email back to us. If you need support, please click here to get in touch with us.

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