Come, It’s Time to Play! – September 2011

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Every festivity is a celebration and a celebration is always happy and playful.

Artcore organised “Come, It’s Time to Play!”at Deda on September 24, 2011, as part of Derby Feste to celebrate our city, our spirit, our passion, our diversity and the richness of different cultures.

“Come, It’s Time to Play!” was a buzz of  traditional games and arts/crafts from different cultures, especially the team games were very popular like: Langadi (India), River/ Shore (Srilanka), Nadi-Parvat (India), Dog and the Bone (Various Countries), Daria Bandha (Bangladesh),Hot Chocolate (English), Oranges and Lemon (Universal), Gendo (India), Hanky Game (Universal), Satodiu (India), Red Light / Green Light (USA), Duck, Duck, Goose (USA) and many more…

It was amazing to see so much interest in the board games (some of the games were about 40 years old). Children and adults took their time and enjoyed playing these boards games too.

People also tried their hands on various crafts like Alpana and Toran Making. As a special attraction, we had a large ‘board’ game called “Into the Indian Jungle”, designed by the India-based artist from Bengal, Prantik Chattopadhyay.

The wild animals know their jungle very well, but the soldiers are intelligent and brave. Who will win this battle of wits and valour? Play the game to find out!

It was a great fun time for all.

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