Card Deal: One Year To Go! – July 2011

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For the One Year To Go! Event in Derby, on July 27, 2011, Artcore held an exciting exhibition of Card Deals, a colourful display of 52 post-cards made by participating artists in the project “Games People Play”, generally focusing on the theme of Sports and Games and how they influence our everyday lives.  The exhibition also plays around the fact that there are 52 cards in a playing cards deck and various card games associated with it. This acted as a pilot project for the Phase I “Games People Play” and Phase II “Games Children Play”.

Along with the exhibition there was a participatory event where the audience  was  encouraged to express their ideas on games/sports through a medium of art. The Artcore exhibition stall was attractively designed to inspire and encourage visitors to the stall at the One Year To Go! event to pick up a blank card and draw or paint on it on-the-spot from the colours, paints and pencils made available to them at our stall. The original post card artworks by artists were on display which acted as inspiration to the participants to create artworks of their own. They could leave their ‘painted’ card to become part of a larger display or they could take it home as a fond reminder of their ‘brush with art’ at the One Year To Go! event!

Artcore has experience in working with numerous visitors at public events and these participatory programmes are always popular and very welcome by the local community of Derby.

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