Ash Croft Primary School Mosaic Mural

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Artcore has been working with Ash Croft Primary school for the last two years. We have worked collectively on creating a mosaic mural, depicting many of the exciting aspects of Ash Croft Primary School. The Official opening of the mosaic mural was on 19th December 2011, by the Lord Worshipful, The Mayor of Derby, Cllr. Les Allen.

Collaborative artworks such as this, enhances the quality of life by encouraging a heightened sense of place and by introducing people to works of art that can touch them, and generations to come. Murals such as this, shape our consciousness, create a collective attitude, inspire, remake behaviour, and have therapeutic properties.

This exciting project involved children from Ash Croft Primary School in Sinfin and the artists at Artcore to create a large scale mosaic mural in the school playground. The project ran for a year, including workshops in the school for concept generation and design, and mastering mosaic techniques. The children enjoyed being involved in every stage of the mosaic’s journey.

This allowed them to experience the entire process, seeing how a project develops, and how working as a team with commitment and dedication they can succeed. Looking at the themes of Nature, Games and Sports, Diversity and Music, the children created individual pieces of work onto paper.

Over 40 volunteers from Artcore and staff have put in a lot of hard-work and all year round dedication to the murals completion. Being involved in this project it has given them inspiration and transferable skills that can help them to move ahead in their own careers. The wall Mural reaffirms Artcore’s objective to promote and develop visual arts like painting, sculpture, arts & crafts and run high-quality art events for the benefit of artists and communities in Derby and Derbyshire and beyond.

This creates community cohesion and links schools, parents and students in a fun creative way. Through art many of the ECM outcomes can also be achieved, such as to enjoy, achieve and to make a positive contribution. It is evidence of what we are able to achieve, and raising the profile of Artcore, I hope that we can continue to grow and flourish, and build new working relationships with other schools and organisations.

To create this mural, the artists Zahir Shaikh and Amanda Harker, led a team of hard-working volunteers from Artcore, from varying backgrounds. Through our projects we engage different local communities involving them in creative activities with therapeutic values thus help in promoting social cohesion.

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