Talk at MS University Vadodara 10/02/2016

A talk at fine arts college MS University Vadodara as a part of research and development phase of Derby to Vadodara (Re-imagine India) project
In the Saharah building at Arboretum Park members of the community participated in creating a large mural in order to commemorate 175 years since the park had first opened.

Creative Treats at Sweet Meet 26/02/2016

In this session of creative treats at sweet meet, participants explored different painting techniques.

Creative Treats at Sweet Meet 05/02/2016

A number of participants from the local community took part in creative activities exploring glass and tile painting.

Creative Treats at Sweet Meet 28/01/2016

In this session, participants were encouraged to get stuck in making various types of containers such as bowls, pencil holders and mugs out of clay.

Creative Treats at Sweet Meet 22/01/2016

This was the first session following Christmas people of all ages engaged in jewellery making in the Saharah building.
As part of the sharing heritage side of the invisible boundaries project, there was a research and find the fact session. In this session participants went to the Derby Local Studies and Family History Library to go through old documents, books and newspapers to discover interesting facts and news about the park.

Invisible Boundaries: Research 18/12/2015

Members of the Invisible Boundaries Project visited Derby Local Studies and Family History Library in order to gather information about the incredible heritage of the Arboretum Park. It was a great journey into the past and it was a new experience for everyone. The Arboretum Park has more than 175 years of history and it was interesting

Invisible Boundaries: Heritage 12/02/2016

Participants engage in meaningful creative activities interpreting their learning from research. One of the creative tasks was to design cards for loved ones.
This celebratory event marked 175 years of the Arboretum Park. There were various activities for young people and children to engage in based on the findings and research. Using the research, one girl decided to imagine what it would be like to be at the opening of the park 150 years back and based her

Creative Summer 27/07/2016

The Creative Summer participants took part in creating mandalas, inspired from the works of the Mauritian groups, participants used acrylic paint to create their beautiful designs.

Creative Summer 10/08/2016

It was our Rangoli workshop and participants were encouraged to draw a simple design onto a board then choose from a selection of dried food such as rice, lentils, pasta and kidney beans to create a picture.