Our Stories – 16/05/2017

The first session of ‘Our Stories’ was a great chance for the participants to get to know eachother whilst decorating beginning to create and design their own memory boxes.
This session of Keep Active in Normanton looked at print making on large sheets to incorporate different patterns for decoration
Mosaic was the medium for this session of Keep Active in Normanton where the participants got to make their own creations as well as add to a large mosaic piece that many people have worked on
We had fun at our Keep active in Normanton “Stay warm in winter” event organised by Sahahra – a culture of care. Participants enjoyed creating art and having healthy food.

Keep Active In Normanton 18/01/2017

In the first session of Keep Active in Normanton back following festive season, a group of keen attendees hand made a variety of jewellery!

Creating Vivid Dreams 07/12/2016

In the last session of Creating Vivid Dreams, participants worked hard to finish their final art works just in time for the exhibition on Friday. 

Creating Vivid Dreams 30/11/12

Leading up to the final week of preparations before the exhibition, participants were hard at work making a start on their finished pieces.

Art For Life 30/11/2016

Carrying on with the Christmassy theme, one of our participants created more creative Christmas cards.

Keep Active In Normanton 23/11/2016

On the first session of Keep Active in Normanton, the participants learned how to create small clocks out of J-cloths and then personalised them with their own designs. This session was both interesting and creative as each clock was coloured using the unique grid pattern on the cloth. Once they were done, they were able

Creating Vivid Dreams 16/11/16

This week’s Creating Vivid Dreams was all about preparing ideas for everyone’s final piece of artwork. Using various art mediums such as acrylic paint, sketching and printing, participants worked independently to contribute towards their final art works.  

Art For Life 16/11/16

It was a very Christmassy themed workshop as one of our participants made festive cards and drawings.   

Creating Vivid Dreams 02/11/16

This stress relieving session of Creating Vivid Dreams saw participants experiment with printing textures into clay slabs using a variety of tools and everyday objects.  

Creating Vivid Dreams 19/10/16

In this session of Creating Vivid Dreams, members of the group experimented with printing. Using foam or lino tiles, participants were able to sketch a design on the tiles, then using acrylic paint, they made a variety of coloured prints onto different sized cartridge paper.  

Creating Vivid Dreams 12/10/16

This session saw participants get stuck in as they were given a selection of fruit and veg. Instead of drawing or painting them, participants cut them in half and used acrylic paints to print with them. With a variety of colours to mix, participants created beautiful pieces of art experimenting with just the unique shapes

CAS Mauritian Trip 28/07/2016

At Mauritian evening, organised by the young people, we saw some amazing performances and delicious food all done by the talented Mauritian group. The evening kicked off with a bang as dancers and singers put on a spectacular show followed by an insight into their culture. As the night went on, we tasted some Mauritian