Research And Find A Fact Session

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Event Details

Research and Find a fact session 1 on 28th Feb, 11am to 1pm, meet at Artcore at 10:30am
Theme: Working with water.

The theme will focus on the different aspects of working with water like working in factories where water was used to carry out work, the people working there, their lifestyles and so on. There will be a stimulating programme of research where participants will use resources such as libraries, including local studies libraries, archives, and the internet. This will enable to develop skills. Each session will have particular themes/ areas of investigation and indicators to give direction in their historical exploration.

After each research session participants will also engage in meaningful activity: ‘Find a fact’ sessions, where they will be encouraged to use interpretation skills to translate and share their learning, e.g. digitising photographs and documents in innovative ways. These sessions will use creative learning as a tool to put the research into practise in captivating ways and to explore/ document their findings, in a way that cascades the learning.

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