Innocence And Expression New Year

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Innocence and Expression

A children in need funded programme especially designed for young people from 8 to 18 year olds.
We are now enrolling for the Innocence and Expression Year 2 programme. priority will be given to those young people who have not involved had a chance to get involved earlier. The sessions are on Saturday fortnightly, 2-4pm, in 6 session blocks at Artcore.

Year 2014/15 phase 2:
1st Programme: Sat 2pm to 4pm
3rd, 17th, 31st May 2014
14th, 28th June 2014
12th July 2014

2nd Programme: Sat 2pm to 4pm

6th, 20th September 2014
4th, 18th October 2014
1st, 15th November 2014

3rd Programme: Sat 2pm to 4pm

17th, 31st January 2015
14th, 28th February 2015
14th, 28th March 2015

Bookings are on a first come first served basis.
To book your place please get in touch.