Joys of Creation – 16/02/2017

For the second session of Joys of Creation, participants looked at taking inspiration for their paintings from aspects of nature in autumn. This included pine cones, twigs and leaves.
This session of Keep Active in Normanton looked at print making on large sheets to incorporate different patterns for decoration
Mosaic was the medium for this session of Keep Active in Normanton where the participants got to make their own creations as well as add to a large mosaic piece that many people have worked on
On Thursday 13th April we celebrated a successful launch of the second Art Attachments Bridge the Gap Exhibition II at Derby Museums. We were honoured to be joined by the High Sheriff of Derby and the local artistic community of Derby. Working in partnership with Derby Museums we showcased our resident artists Tracey Meek and

Creative Health Café

Our Creative Health Café was a tremendous success with over 50 people joining us for lunch and participating in our Joys of Creation print workshop delivered by artist Helen Jackson. They also enjoyed our exhibition featuring work from our Joys of Creation participants and artists including Victoria Brown, Karen Herrick, Elizabeth Blades, Alison Solomon, Brendan

Innocence & Expression 11/03/2017

Innocence & Expression was great. The children got to work on finishing creating all the props for the puppet theatre production of Hansel and Gretel

Innocence & Expression 25/02/2017

The children were finishing off decorating their spoon puppets using all sorts of styles and colours to produce uniquely different individual puppets

Innocence & Expression 11/02/2017

Great session where the children got to create their spoon puppets making them as bright and colourful as possible

Art Cafe Exchange II

There was an amazing turnout for the second Art Cafe Exchange! Thanks to everyone who joined us, especially Andrea Hadley-Johnson for an inspiring perspective on how artists and museums can work together. Also a big thank you to our current Art Attachments artists Tracey Meek & Sonia Elizabeth Barrett for sharing their practice and future
We had fun at our Keep active in Normanton “Stay warm in winter” event organised by Sahahra – a culture of care. Participants enjoyed creating art and having healthy food.

Joys of Creation – 09/02/2017

The second Joys of Creation workshop was an exciting opportunity for the participants to get hands on experience creating their own interpretation and adaptation of different types of stones. They took inspiration for their works from examples brought in by Victoria Brown – the artist delivering the session.

Joys of Creation – 02/02/2017

In our first Joys of Creation workshop participants had a relaxing time looking at beautiful scenery and capturing the magic of ice. They appreciated nature whilst learning the joys of painting on canvas

Joys of Creation Manor House 07-02-2017

In our first offsite Joys of Creation workshop at Manor House Residential Home with Karen Herrick residents enjoyed using applique to make birds flying free. They enjoyed making and creating in a supportive space with a professional artist who looked after their needs.  
The Artcore gallery was buzzing last night with art lovers and artists. We launched our first exhibition from the Bridge the Gap residency on 2nd February. We would like to all partners, supporters who were present at the event. Jason Taylor explained how he has pursued a new direction for his work, whilst continuing to

Innocence & Expression 28/01/17

Innocence & Expression was great on Saturday! The class had a great time designing, creating and then decorating their own puppets from wooden spoons!