Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme5

Bob Moulder’s session, Masks, Puppets & Theatricals, was all about making props and costumes for performance. His sessions involved making all sorts theatrical items including miniature stage sets, face masks, head masks, puppets, and pop-up cards. In Bob’s first session the group began making box pictures, creating 3D scenes similar to a stage set. The group all took inspiration from different sources from fighting tigers to exploding spaceships. They used collage and drawing techniques to add colour and detail to their scenes.

The following week the group began making papier-mâché masks using balloons, card, and layers of paper. They all chose different designs included ravens, tigers, and other animals. They continued with their masks in the third week but also began working on pop-up cards. As this session took place a little before Father’s Day many of the participants decided to use this opportunity to create cards for their fathers. The next session they started making puppets of birds and other flyer creatures, they attached strings to the wings in order to make them flap.

In the final session the group finished off their masks; painting and decorating them using techniques that Bob had demonstrated. Once the masks were finished, the participants were also instructed on how to make stick puppets. As with the bird puppets, strings were attached to the stick puppets so that their arms could be moved. By the end of Bob’s workshops, all of the participants had created a mask and two puppets which they could take home. There was also a palpable change of atmosphere over the course of workshops, with each session being livelier than the last. Bob noticed that group became more confident and sociable each time they came and was repeatedly impressed by the quality of work they produced.


“I liked it when we made the paper birds and balloon masks, we made lot of mess!”

“I really liked gluing the puppet and cutting it out, and I like doing the papier-mâché”

“It was really fun getting to create our own mask”

“I liked making a scene with two tigers fighting because I love tigers and I’m really good at fighting”

“I had fun getting my hand dirty with the glue”

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