Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme4

Sian Morrell led the next sessions focusing 2D Stop frame Animation film. They planned together what they could do giving the young people a sense of ownership. The ideas put forward then inspired their own individual films. The young people made 2D drawings and cut outs on paper of objects, people and places to tell a story. They were encouraged to use their imagination – the wild and wackier the better!

Participants were guided by Sian through the use of digital cameras and stop motion techniques to show movement and narrative. More confident young people helped with not so confident ones as a kind of mentor. The group learnt to be patient and great at taking turns in capturing their animations. They were enthusiastic about what they were making and worked well to share resources and negotiate taking turns with the equipment.

The films ranged from animations of football, water, words, faces, save the trees, underwater fish blowing bubbles, elephant spurting out water, surfing, aliens, lions and an unsuspecting man in the forest, fidget spinners, sunset with birds flying past and unicorns.

The young people worked well supporting each other as directors and runners. They edited their work on the computer and got to grips with the software quickly and confidently. They become more focused which has been incredible to see the wonderful expression come through in their artwork. The young people were supported through different reactions to situations. When a participant was unsure of herself Sian encouraged her to create and develop her ideas. One participant became really confident in his ideas, stories and characters, thinking carefully about how to produce forest leaves appear to bustle in the wind using scrunched and folded paper!


“I liked telling my own story”

“I really enjoyed everything”


“It was really fun today, we did stop motion”

“I really enjoyed it, it was really fun being creative, thank you very much”

“I had a fun time and enjoyed it”

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