Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme3

Gina Mollett led the next 5 sessions of AEL education and Learning focusing on developing collaboration and team building through group activity. Participants were guided by Gina through the use of interactive technology with more traditional art and drawing materials to experiment with art and sound. An essential part of the sessions was based on developing both creative and social skills through arts activities.

The programme began with a playful introduction on the use of interactive technology applied to arts. Young people created collaboratively an orchestra of interactive objects, using materials and a Touch Board to produce a range of electronic sounds. Some of them received their first steps to becoming ‘composers’ of sound art works. They were guided in understanding how interactive technology works (including what are conductive and nonconductive materials) and at the end of the first two sessions, participants were able to create compositions using graphic notation (e.g. drawing lines, shapes, use of colour) sharing their ideas and performing to the rest of the group.

Going ahead with the programme, young people started to work collaboratively on large scale artworks. They talked as a group about the rules of working together: respecting each other, listening to each other, and ensuring everyone has an input of creative ideas. The participant’s experimented with the conductive materials and shared any new ideas with the rest of the group. They planned and finalised an amazing collaborative installation in the form of an interactive electronic orchestra!


“Great session. Really enjoyed joining in. Very happy”

“He enjoyed doing music symbols and wanted to do it more. Hanks for providing this opportunity for my son.”

“I liked cutting out random shapes and making weird noises”

“I loved this session. It couldn’t be any better. I love Artcore because we always do art!”

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