Art Enhancing Life - Education

Art in Education and Learning will be an Artcore programme delivered over 36 weeks of the year to help address issues faced by young people including those who have been excluded from school, or are at risk of anti-social behaviour. Artcore will aim to work with young offenders too, to help them to feel part of society, offering voluntary opportunities to develop transferable life skills such as team work, patience and communication. Remembering our Motto “Together we Stand”!

Artcore intends to use Art activities in a way to reach identified target groups, giving them the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of art. Artcore provides a safe place to express yourself, and are proud to provide services that are non-judgemental and inclusive. Artcores projects will also address exclusion and social isolation by bringing different cultures together therefore creating a more tolerant society.

Artcores Art in Education and Learning programme is inclusive; there are no barriers to access such as academic attainment, culture, language, faith, ethnicity or disability. And as such, our programme will empower participants to gain an increased sense of confidence and raised aspirations whilst making constructive and affirmative differences to all young people’s lives.  

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